Good Evening Bloggies!  This should have been posted last night, but I was busy all evening taking care of puppy business.  Yes, puppy!  Ah!  More info soon!

Yesterday I think I  lived in Snack City!!  I am not sure what the reason was for my huge appetite, but I definitely enjoyed a couple of snacks between lunch and dinner.  Maybe it was because I ate no breakfast and an early lunch when Cassie left me.  Maybe it was because I was feeling a bit hungover.

Lunch was at11:00 yesterday and snack #1 made its way into my mouth around 1:30.

Pretzels w/ Mom’s Salsa

Snack #2 came a couple hours later, around 4:00.  It was a mixture of leftovers from NYE, including three Triscuit crackers with cheese.  It is definitely no Laughing Cow cheese, not nearly as healthy, but still delish.  Also some broccoli, carrots, cauliflower, and celery.  With FF Italian dressing for dipping.  Yum ~ I was super excited to have these veggies leftover!!



Ben went out for dinner with his guy friends last night, so I was on my own.  This is perfectly fine with me because it was a great opportunity to make my whole wheat pasta noodles that Benny hates!


I love the whole wheat rotini pasta with tomoto sauce.  I made some green beans on the side and enjoyed a few leftover crackers.  I must have something crunchy with each meal it seems.  Yummy lone dinner.

More to come very soon!   :)