What a super productive day Ben and I had.  It feels great!  Except that I have yet to workout.  Although I could probably count today’s cleaning / un-decorating as a teeny cardio session!  I have big things on my mind, though.  Check it out!

Puppy Gear! 

Ben and I have been contemplating a puppy for a long time.  A very long time.  But it just makes me nervous.  I am a teacher, which means I usually leave home around 6:45 in the morning.  Normally I will stay after school until close to 5:00, then head to the gym.  Ben and I both get home from the gym around 7:00 or a bit before.  Anyway, I was just nervous about getting a dog and making it stay home alone all this time.  And I am really nervous about the possibility of having to give up workout time to come home and be with the pup.  Do you have a pet?  If so, how do you fit it into your schedule?

I always search petfinder.com – just to see if my puppy is there.  I always think I will know when I see the puppy that I am supposed to have.  Yesterday I think I found her!!  Ah!  I am so excited to rescue a puppy and give it a good home.  I sent in an application and it was approved.  But this really means nothing.  It is still a waiting game. 

And I have been waiting all day!!  Grrrr!  :(

We decided to make a stop at Petsmart and buy a carrying case, just being prepared incase we got an e-mail saying the puppy was ours.  While we were there, we picked up a few more pup supplies!  It was so much fun. 

And then we ordered this online:

Puppy Playpen

This silly thing is actually what helped make my final decision about the puppy.  I will just feel better about leaving her at home during the day if she can have this much room to live.  The puppy pads and the bed crate are both supposed to go in here.  It will be her own little house and I hope she will love it.

If I am not the one that gets this puppy, then I am sure there is a reason, and I will just keep all this gear until the time is right and we find another perfect pup!!  I am so anxious right now to hear back!  I think I have checked my email more than once every hour today.

While we were out being productive, guess where we stopped for eats?!



My Usual

I ordered my usual turkey / no cheese / tons of veggies sub.  I upgraded from a 4″ to a 6″ today, as my huge appetite continues from yesterday.  Plus, no breakfast this morning, which I am not proud of.  I hate doing that, but it keeps happening lately.  I ordered a cup of vegetable soup to go with my sub.

Veg Soup = 90 Cals

This was the first time I busted out my camera in a public place to snap foodie pics!  Yes!  Is anyone else in love with Subway or is it just me?  What restaurants do you love and how often do you let yourself eat there?

Not sure what is for dinner yet, Ben and I are contemplating ideas!  Happy Blogging!