Wow!  What a quick day ~ as all of them seem to be over my Christmas break.

This quick day was full of three things: 

1) KT   

2) Running   

3) Visiting  

All GREAT things!!   :)

Everything I did today was done with my sister KT, inlcuding sleeping in.  We slept in until around 9:30, which I am kind of excited about since my break is winding down and nearing the end.  However, this morning I was not excited about it.  I was actually pretty mad at myself when I woke up and it was already so late.  I do not necessarily always set an alarm because normally I cannot sleep until 9:30 even if I am trying to!!  But today I did and now I am okay with it! 

I felt like I should be in a hurry to get the day started since I slept in so late, and this means a simple and boring breakfast is in store.


Simple / Boring Breakfast

Yes, as a new blogger I almost forgot to snap a picture of breakfast!  This would be the reason for the bite already taken from my toast!!  I just couldn’t wait!  Yum!  Water in my fav bottle went with the toast.  I put PB on my toast, and you guys know what that means – I was planning for a good workout!  For those who do not know, I do love PB, but usually I only eat it when I know I am going to get a good workout in. 

Following my toast, I had an Apple Kid’s Clif Bar.  I am becoming obsessed with these things!  Thanks to Cassie!!  I am glad I decided to eat this, because my run was tougher than expected and afterwards, I did not have time for lunch.

Yum + Nutritious

We waited a bit after breakfast before leaving for our run.  Today I decided to let KT lead and I told her I would take her path.  We both thought we looked pretty silly all bundled up for our run, so we snapped a pic:

Six Layers Total

When I am home in southern Indiana, my running path does not include many hills.  However, KT’s path is just the opposite.  Yikes!  I am so glad I just put some new tunes on my Pod – including Hey Soul Sister by Train.  My new tunes really helped me make it up these hills ~ Thanks Train! 

Listening to music when I run / workout is a must for me.  If I do not have my Pod, I will just skip the workout.  I cannot even imagine running without my Pod.  I think I would only make it a couple feet!!  Do you listen to music when you run / workout?  Can you do without?

Since today is my last day in southern Indiana before going back up to Indy, it was top priority on my list to visit my grandparents and my old babysitter, Millie.  KT lead me through some back roads that included so many hills and then we headed into town, to my grandparents house.  We ran about three miles before stopping in to visit.  We stayed for about 15 minutes and let our heartrates fall.  And while we were there we shared a banana!!  After our banana we ran another two miles home.  This was a less hilly route, which I enjoyed. 

I always think running is tougher once you have stopped.  Even though the route was less hilly, it was still tough for me because my heartrate had fallen back to normal.  There was a time when I told myself I was going to stop, but I motivated myself to make it all the way home.  A huge part of my motivation was the fact that I skipped my workout last night, for no good reason.  Usually I have a fairly good reason for taking a day off.  But turns out, I am glad I just randomly decided to take yesterday off, because it really motivated me to work even harder today!!  What motivates you to keep going when you want to stop??

Off to watch The Hangover with the fam!  Catch you later Bloggies  :)