Speaking of progress pics, I should have taken some of our room-cleaning escapade this morning.   When I come home to southern Indiana, my sister and I share a bedroom.  This morning, it was almost to the point that we could not walk through it without tripping over something.  As my mom would say, “It looks like a cyclone hit it!” 

We are not slobs, both of us are actually the opposite, very neat and tidy people.  But by the time you haul four suitcases and KT’s huge laundry basket into our room, it gets messy and cramped.

This morning we woke up and got right to cleaning / straightening up.  It looks much better.  I feel much better.  We had a big list of errands we needed to run this morning, but made a quick breakfast before we left.


This is definitely not a fun, creative breakfast, I know.  I was making toast in my parent’s new toaster and half of it got stuck.  With KT’s help, I retrieved  the other half of my toast – but it was not edible.  My breakfast was half a piece of whole wheat toast with spray butter and sugar free strawberry jelly.  Small, but delish.  I had water with my breakfast this morning.  The water bottle pictured is my favorite water bottle in the world!  It goes everywhere with me.  It is a NATHAN water bottle that I bought at Dick’s Sporting Goods.  More about that later.

Lunch today:  Take a wild guess!



Gosh, I never eat this much Subway.  But for some reason, while I am home, it sounds awesome meal after meal.  With my Subway sandwich, I had some carrots and some Baked Lays BBQ chips (no pic).

Tonight we went to dinner with some old friends.  Once again, I am a bit uncomfortable taking my camera out to the restaurant with me and snapping pics of my food.  Tonight I did take my camera, but did not take it out to snap a photo.  I am taking baby steps.

We ate at a place called Buffalo Wings & Rings. 

I ordered the Grilled Chicken Salad with fat free ranch dressing on the side.  I had two large glasses of water to drink with my salad.  It was a good food and it was nice to visit with family and friends. 

So far a good day of healthy eats, yes? 

Until now…



This is not a picture I took, but it could be, because I probably ate this many ~ well, maybe not quite this many, but close.  And my stomach feels like I ate two hundred of these babies.  I had a major sweet tooth and this was the result.  I really feel guilty after eating this.  But I really do not do it often.  Actually, the only time I do is when I am here at home, in southern Indiana.  My mom has so many sweet treats around the house, it is hard not to indulge.  My mom always keeps a stash of these mini Reese cups in her cookie jar.  Her cookie jar says:  Happy the children wherever they are who live in a house with a full cookie jar.   Yah right, more like unhappy.

It is nice to enjoy sweet treats once in awhile, especially over the holidays, but today I am feeling like I may have overdone it.  I seriously think I have more of a sweet tooth than most people.  And it is hard when my sweet healthy snacks are not close at hand.  My fiance and I keep zero sweets in the house, so we are never tempted. 

What do you do to satisfy your sweet tooth?  How does an indulgence make you feel?  Any tips?

Goodnight Bloggies!