Good Evening Bloggies – I have missed you! It has been awhile!

Now that my holiday travels are coming to end, I am really going to try to focus more on this blog. I have not really shared the site with anyone yet, except for my sister, my fiancé, and a BFF – Cassie.  Basically, up until this point, my blog has been a means for Cassie to be updated on my life.  I want to spend a bit more time learning about and what it has to offer.  I have considered my last few posts to be practice posts.  Just trying to get the hang of things.  I don’t want to tell everyone about my blog until it is perfect ~ but that could be a long time!!

KT (my sister) and I just had an amazing turbo session.  It feels great after all of the holiday goodies.  Here is what we decided to go with for tonight:

Cardio Party Remix is a 30 minute cardio dance fest! It includes two turbo sessions. A turbo session is just a small, quick, super-charged part of the workout to get your heart rate going!


Cardio Party Mix 3 is probably my favorite of all the Turbo Jam DVDs thus far. It is a 45 minute cardio workout. It includes one turbo session.


Ab Jam was part 3 of our workout tonight. It focuses completely on your abdominals (obviously)!  There is 10 minutes standing and 10 minutes on the floor.  It is such a quick workout, but it really works my abs like crazy!!

I have been thinking about posting what I call progress pictures. I always read that it is a good idea to take pictures of your body as you work toward your goal – just for motivational purposes. I wish I would have taken some body pics back when I was student teaching, when I was at my heaviest.  However, I hated my body at that time and therefore hated the camera, so no pics.

I started taking my body pics in February / April 2009, at the end of the school year. I did not take any more until October 2009, six months later. I wish I would have taken them every three months, but I am starting to do that now. Perhaps my body pics will be posted later. I do not necessarily feel comfortable posting them just yet. I love looking at progress pictures that belong to others. It really motivates me!  Do you take body pics as you make progress?  How do they make you feel?

I do have some progress pictures that are not body pics, but they still make me feel good about how far my workouts / healthy eating / turbo jam sessions have taken me.

 February 2009:


October 2009:

It’s hard to tell much about body in these pics, but I see changes in my face that make me feel better.  If you don’t do so already, start taking your own progress pics!  You will see the changes that are difficult to see day to day.  My pics really do motivate me to keep working hard and eating healthy!

Goodnight Bloggies :)