Do not create a blog three days before Christmas.

I am so overwhelmed (in a good way) with Christmas festivities and traveling ~ I just have not learned how to make time for blogging and snapping tons of pics just yet!  I promise better posts after the holidays.

The post below was written last night.  Right before I attempted to post it, my computer decided to go crazy.  It completely lost all internet signal and would not allow me to connect again.  I gave up.

Two more days of traveling :)

Enjoy the belated Christmas Eve post.  I will post Christmas details tomorrow ~ I have so much to share!!  Tonight was so much fun.  I love getting to see all my family members.  It really puts me in a great mood! 

Sweet Dreams & Merry Christmas Bloggies! 


(December 24, 2009)

Merry Christmas Eve! :)

Wow, how I have slacked on my blogging.  I am new to the blogging world – this is not supposed to happen yet.  However, with Christmas / traveling I just feel super busy with little free time.  I have been a woman-on-the-go since my break started.

I left my world of blogging Wednesday morning, before heading to Indy.  I will not bore you with all meals in the last two days, because the majority of them have been Subway.

Traveling = Subway

However, there is one snack in particular that I want to share, because I love it.  I ate this when I arrived in Indy, around 3:00.  

 Pizza Toast and Goldfish are a fav combo of mine. 

I have not told you yet, but I LOVE CHEESE.  Nowadays, the only cheese I eat is Laughing Cow.  And recently I have discovered new Laughing Cow Cheese BITES!  I love them.  Check it out:

 My Cheese

The servings are given per 5 cubes.  For my pizza toast snack, I only need one.  I divide one cube in half and spread it on my toast slices, then add pizza sauce.  Yum!  And each cube is filled with fun facts!  Today I found out that approximately 9 million people in the world share my birthday.

Fun Facts

After my delicious snack, we got ready and headed to Ben’s parents house, where we fondue’d for dinner.  It was delicious.  I did not snap photos.  I am new at blogging and am still feeling a bit strange snapping pictures at every meal – especially since I haven’t really shared my blog with anyone yet. 

I fondue’d chicken, broccoli and cauliflower.  There was also steak and shrimp, but I passed on those.  The meal was so much fun, de-lish, and very filling!

We exchanged gifts and visited and did not leave until midnight to head home.


This morning I let myself sleep until 8:30, since I did not get to bed until way past bedtime.   You should never skip breakfast ~ I know this and I believe this!!  However, today I skipped breakfast.  Not necessarily on purpose.  I wanted to get a few things done before I ate, but before I knew it, it was lunch time. 

Christmas time is SO busy!! 

Once again, Subway was on the lunch menu.  We ate and headed home, back to southern Indiana.  We celebrated Christmas with my grandparents tonight. 

Check out our new I.U. Snuggie Gear (or Snugglies, as my mom calls them)!  My sister, my aunt, me, and my mom all received one!


Sweet Dreams & Merry Christmas Eve Bloggies!