Good Morning Sunshines :)

That is what I put on my Morning Message every day for my fifth graders.

I am not letting myself sleep in like I did yesterday.  Up early to get my day started, because it’s going to be a busy one!  I have a lot of errands to run this morning before I leave to travel back up to Indy.  Tonight my fiancé and I are celebrating Christmas with his family. 

These next few days are going to be full of traveling.  I love Christmas time and I am glad that my fiancé and I have worked it out and are able to spend Christmas with everyone.

  • Last weekend:  with his grandparents in Ohio
  • Tonight:  with his parents in Indianapolis
  • Thursday:  with my grandparents / dad’s side in Southern Indiana
  • Friday:  with my grandma / mom’s side in Southern Indiana
  • Saturday:  with Ben’s grandma / dad’s side in Northern Indiana
  • Sunday:  with both of our families at our house in Indy

Whew!  I am looking forward to seeing everyone, but not to spending a million hours in a vehicle.  I am nervous about what my Fitness Schedule is going to look like during these travel-filled days.  I am really going to try to fit in some good workouts between celebration and travel.  Is anyone else in this same situation?  Any good tips to share? 

I am not much of a morning workout person.  I always feel like my workouts are so much better in the afternoon.  However, morning workouts could be helpful during my travel days.  Like right now.  I am getting my workout in this morning; I fear that it will not happen this afternoon / evening.


This morning will be some sort of Turbo Jam session.  I am thinking Fat Blaster (a super-charged interval workout for those who are short on time), followed by run / walk intervals on the treadmill.  Have a great day Bloggies!  Be productive!