What a great day! I love Christmas Break!  I let myself sleep in until 9:00 this morning.  I went to sleep much later than normal last night.  I actually did a very late night workout and then went to pick up my sister from The Overtime.  She was out celebrating a friend’s 21st birthday.

I was ready to get a good workout in today, so I started the morning with PB / raisins on toast.  I usually only eat peanut butter if I know for a fact I will be working out – I don’t know my reasoning for this.




After breakfast, my sister and I started Task #1 for my mom = icing Christmas cookies.  Most years I am so excited for this and so excited to lick the icing off my fingers.  But this year I didn’t even care to.  I did not have a bite!

After mixing the icing, we realized how ugly our red turned out.  It was almost orangy pink.  We showed my dad and he thought it looked like Bondo.  So that’s what we called it.

 Bondo Icing


Then we tried again, mixing in some other colors to try to make our red look better.  This time it turned out a shade of purple.

Red Icing Attempt #2


Finally, we gave up.  We realized that the food coloring box said FALL colors.  Who makes food coloring specifically for FALL?  I had no idea.  Did you?



Despite our orangy-purply-fall-bondo-like icing, the cookies turned out looking pretty good.  Except for one.  We voted it the ugliest Christmas cookie ever.  It was iced by me!  Can you find it in the bunch?

 Ugliest Christmas Cookie Ever = Red Bondo Star w/ White Edges


Time flew by this morning and I had not gotten the chance for a workout yet.  I had a dentist appointment sneaking up at 1:00.  I decided to run to the dentist office.   I had an undocumented half Kid’s Clif Bar – Blueberry.  Why only half?  I’m not sure.  I was not hungry, but decided I should get something else in me before my run.

My mom works at the dentist and she is the one that cleans my teeth – otherwise, I never would have dared show up so sweaty in my workout gear.  It was an awesome 4 mile run!  After my appointment, I ran another half-mile or so to my grandma’s to visit. 

This evening I did some work around the house, cleaning and dusting for my mom.  We wrapped some Christmas gifts and then went to visit my grandma and grandpa.  We joined them for dinner, but took our own Subway sandwiches.  Lately I have been getting the 4 inch sandwiches, but tonight I went for the 6 inch because I was pretty hungry, probably due to my teeny lunch.  I got a 6 inch on 9 grain honey oat bread, with turkey, no cheese, lettuce, green peppers, banana peppers, onions, and pickles.  Yum!  And my grandma had some green beans to go with. 

By now it is nearly 8:00 PM.  Although the time as I post this says 8:00 AM.  I have yet to figure out how to fix this.  It cannot be that hard, can it?  Even for a new bloggie like myself.  Either way, PM or AM, I cannot figure out where this day has gone!  I can already tell that my Christmas break is going to fly by!

I made a sweet snack when I got home tonight, since I did not have one after dinner at my grandparents.

 Sweet Tooth snack = Yum

Sliced banana with graham cracker crumbs, PB, and a melted dark chocolate square. 

Now for a bit more cleaning and then a Turbo Jam session with KT.  We are thinking Cardio Party 3 tonight, which is a 50 minute cardio dance fest.  It’s time to party!!

Goodnight my Bloggies :)