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My daughter has her first ear infection — actually, first infection, period. 

She is one year old and we are just now experiencing our first sickness.  My pediatrician prescribed amoxicillin for the ear infection, but that didn’t work – they said Jacyn was resisting the amoxicillin.

Three days later, a new antibiotic was prescribed.  Three days after that, vomiting and a rash from head to toe.

I was driving home from a semi-late (8:30p) night of work, and my husband explains the above symptoms to me.  I get nervous — my baby has never been sick, puked, or had any kind of rash.  She is such a healthy girl! Why are these all happening right now? And all at the same time?  Is this an allergic reaction?

My husband informed me that he had already given her the next dose of antibiotic. This made me worry even more. I’m no doctor, but I do know that allergic reactions worsen with each dose.

I feel really nervous — is she having an allergic reaction?

I call my mom first.  I decided it would be better to check with her, before calling my pediatrician emergency line, just to be sure I am not overreacting…

My mom advised me to call, even though it was getting late.  It’s okay, the doctors are on call for situations like this, she reminded me.  She was right, I needed to call.  I don’t know what is going on and I need to know my baby will be okay after that last dose of antibiotic.

I call the emergency line, leave my name, number, and explain symptoms.

I am quite frantic by this time.  I am a first time mommy, and my baby is only one, and she has never been sick before now…

After 5-10 minutes, my phone rang. Yay! The doctor is calling me back! I can’t wait to tell her what is going on and listen to her helpful advice and, hopefully, reassurance that everything will be fine.

As she called, I was pulling into the garage. I needed to turn off the vehicle so that I could hear her perfectly. Uh oh, in my new vehicle, my phone automatically connects to blue-tooth. I tried to answer, but when I turned off my vehicle, it disconnected the call. I didn’t know that would happen. I’m still trying to figure out this new vehicle.

I’m upset now, missing that important call. Ugh, seriously Ann. Will she call back? I hope so.

Oh good! A voicemail.

Here is exactly (word for word) what the voicemail said: Hello, this is Dr. XXXXXX.  If you have a question that canNOT wait until morning, um, please give the answering service a call again.  And keep in mind, I am taking care of my OWN kids, so if you could answer the phone when I call back, I’d appreciate it. Thanks.

Seriously? This is how you treat your patients when they have sick babies after your office hours????

I have lost respect for the XXXXXXXXX Pediatrics office.  You have made me feel insecure in the fact that my daughter is a priority to you. She is your patient, she is only one year old, and should be a priority, always – even after office hours. You have made me nervous about ever calling after office hours again, for fear that I may inconvenience someone…

Unfortunately for all of us, babies do get sick after office hours, and mommies do get nervous after office hours.  Especially first-time mommies, with one year olds, who’ve never been sick.

And I need a pediatric office who understands that.

Mommas, this is the exact letter I mailed to my pediatrician office this week.  I wish I could play the voicemail on here for you, so that you could hear her tone of voice.  Unnecessarily rude…

After listening to the message that night, I sat in shock on the couch for a few minutes, with tears in my eyes.  People just are not that rude to me, ever.

I think I would have rather had no return call.

This is my child we are talking about.  My first child.  Maybe it was no big deal, but how was I supposed to know?  I called my aunt who is a nurse, rather than calling that number back.  I will never have to call that number back ever again, thank goodness!!!

Thanks to some great mommas at work, I have found a new pediatrician that I am so excited about!  I am 110% certain in my heart that I made the right choice for Jacyn!! 

PS: If you think I overreacted, please do not tell me about it…


Love, Ann

Boogies? Try The Mist With A Twist!!!

Unfortunately, we are finally able to review Boogie Mist, as this weekend, Jacyn had her very first stuffy nose…Boogie Mist

Boogie Mist is a kid-friendly version of nasal saline spray to help relieve congestion in children’s nasal passages.

Boogie Mist has a scented nozzle, called the Schnozzle! It is intended to make the sometimes difficult task of getting kids to cooperate with squirting something up their nose, easier. 

We only had to use the Boogie Mist once, on Friday morning, when Jacyn was very congested.  She did not sleep well on Thursday night and I think this congestion was to blame, so we grabbed for the Boogie Mist.

Jacyn did not mind the spray at all.  Ben held her while I gave a tiny squirt of mist in each nostril.  No fussing (!!) and it seemed to quickly do the trick.

Because Boogie Mist contains only saline and not any medication, it is considered safe for children.  When congestion is a problem again, we will definitely reach for the Boogie Mist, or the Boogie Wipes, which we use often, before we reach for any type of medicine…IMG_8221

All kids have boogies, and we love our Boogie Mist for many reasons…

  • Non-Medicated Natural Saline
  • Helps Clear and Moisturize Nasal Passages
  • Scented “Schnozzle” Spray Nozzle
  • Gentle Enough for All Ages
  • Use as Often as Needed
  • For soothing relief of dry, stuffy noses
  • Fresh Scent

Boogie Mist and Boogie Wipes are also available in a fun grape scent and there is also a non-scented option. 

The creators of Boogie Mist are excited for you to try it.  They are giving away grape scented Boogie Mist and Boogie Wipes, plus tons of samples and coupons to use if you love it as much as we do (!!)  If your little one has boogies, now is the time to try The Mist With A Twist!

Just click the link below and fill out the rafflecopter for a chance to win!!!

Boogie Mist Giveaway 2

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Have a super Sunday evening!

Love, ~Ann and Jacyn


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