A Slice of Perfect in Our Messy Reality


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And that is so true if you take time to think about it.  On social media, we see the highlight reel, the best picture out of many, cropped with the best lighting and effects.

I hope you will join in the fun of this new challenge!!!

Sometimes I see pictures posted online, and I think, “Wow! I wish my house were that clean and organized!” 

I think I am pretty good at moving the mess aside for the pictures I take, but that certainly does not mean the mess is not there! It is always there and bigger than you know! 

My reason for moving the mess out of the way is not so that my house looks clean and perfect to everyone else, it is so I end up with a nice picture for myself and my scrapbooks!  Although, I certainly would rather you all not see my huge messes around here!!  But please know, they are always there!

For every clean, sweet picture you see like this one…SliceOfHeaven

There is usually a bigger (messier) picture like this one…Messy Reality

Like I said, I am usually great at moving the mess aside and snapping a nice picture.  For helpful tips on how to do this, go visit Jill at Baby Rabies, who started this challenge!

Then join the fun!!!!

Surely you have a #SliceOfPerfect in your #MessyReality. If you’re on Instagram, share them with the hashtags #SliceOfPerfect and #MessyReality. You can either make a collage of both, or share them separately.  I can’t wait to see more!  Thanks Baby Rabies!!

Edited to Add — I am just now realizing that my picture says #SliceOfHeaven, and while it is quite a #SliceOfHeaven, it should be #SliceOfPerfect for the challenge!! The mind of a mommy is just too full, I think…


Have a super day!

Love ~Ann

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Avocado Attempt & Abandonment


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Today, I was feeling extra motivated, like it might be time to not only make Easter treats, but also make my first big batch of avocado for Jacyn.

I do not like avocados myself (though I wish I did) and, therefore, this is an entirely new process to me…DSC03529DSC03530DSC03531

Here is my first ever de-pitted and pealed avocado…DSC03532

Awesome.  I only have five more to go.

Luckily, before I went any further, Ben called me.  I told him about my avocado troubles. He said to leave them alone and he would finish them.

Ben to the Rescue, as usual (in the kitchen, that is)!! 

When Ben got home, he took one look at my mess and immediately pointed out that the avocados were not nearly ripe enough for this.  Ugh, seriously?  After all of that?

Okay, no avocados for Jacyn tonight.  We went with bananas instead.

I do plan to attempt avocados again soon, so I did some research tonight and came across some awesome avocado information.


Check out Ode to My Pantry to learn all you ever wanted to know about avocados, including how to tell if they are ripe!

I may not be the best in the kitchen, but I don’t think Jacyn holds it against me!!! DSC03540DSC03533

Love, ~Ann

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